Monday, March 14, 2011

Top Ten

I thought that it might be interesting to do a top ten list of some of the most impressive churches that I have been to.  I am not including the ones from the trip that I just took, but the ones from previous outings.  These are not the biggest or the most historically important, but just my own personal top ten most impressive.  I will start with number 10:

I grew up near Carey so I have a personal attachment here.  Just an hour or so NW of Columbus - go visit - it is worth the trip.

This Church survived the great Chicago fire - a must see when in Chicago, but not the best of the Windy City

Reported to have the largest stained glass windows in America

The whole setting of old Savannah adds a lot to the feel of this Cathedral that sits at the edge of a Spanish moss covered square with horse drawn tours plodding by

On a small college campus near Terre Haute, Indiana

A Polish church that I stumbled upon in Chicago- the outside is impressive, but the inside is amazing.  Do not go to Chicago without stopping here.

Another Cathedral aided by setting - in the center of the French Quarter with Andrew Jackson guarding the front door.  Plus it kinda looks like a Disney castle.

HUGE - sits on the campus of Catholic University - the largest church in the western hemisphere - countless shrines and chapels throughout the Basilica - still under constant expansion

My favorite church in America - the interior is stunning - you have no choice but to stand in awe and try to take it all in.  I have been lucky enough to see a few cathedrals of Europe and they have nothing on this Basilica.  Well worth a trip to Buffalo.
These buildings would get my vote for the ten most impressive churches that I have seen.  Of course if I had to truly choose my all time favorite it would be the church where I grew up.  It was built by my German ancestors and was ufortunately closed a few years back.

I am enjoying sharing some of my pictures.  What else should I post?  Favorite Mary statues?  Best windows?  Ugliest churches? (That might upset some people)  We will see.