Saturday, March 12, 2011


Made it home late Friday night.  I spent most of Saturday organizing the photos into folders on my computer.  I did take a break to watch the Buckeyes roll the skunkbears from Michigan.  I thought that it might be interesting to give some totals from my church project.  I started taking pictures of Ohio churches in late 2008.  I have since completed the Columbus Diocese and am close to completing the Toledo and Cincinnati diocese too.  I have taken pictures of churches in 26 states, including 66 different dioceses.  Included are 68 Cathedrals, 24 Basilicas, and 15 Shrines.  The total number of churches now sits at 610.  I have taken 23,614 pictures among them are 1516 pictures of Mary, 837 Statues of Saints, 353 Angels, and 150 Pietas.
I hope you have enjoyed reading about my trip.  I certainly enjoyed writing about it.  Hopefully I can hit the road again soon - I am thinking up through Minnesota or maybe down through Florida.  I encourage anyone who is out traveling to stop and see a church.  Ask someone there about the church.  You will get a glimpse into another place.  People love their churches and they are anxious to tell you their stories.  There is no better way to see America than to follow the steeples from town to town.

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  1. Hello Roamin' Catholic! I pinned your photo of Mary & the cardinal from this blog post, and it has had over 570 repins it's that beautiful!
    I was wondering if you would allow me to post your photo in a blog post of my own (sourcing this original site, of course). My subject will surround the theme of the cardinal and its various meanings, all in a tablescape. I hope you receive this comment and will respond! My email is Thank you!
    Rita C at Panoply