Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day Three

Spent the night in Natchez, Mississippi.  In the morning I walked down to the Mississippi River.  I could see the remains of the Mardi Gras festivities along the way - beads still hanging from trees, trash in the streets, parade floats along the side streets.  The river was impressive - the Mississippi is one of those things that you just have to stand beside to appreciate.  I shot some video, but it is just not the same.
C.J. wanted pictures of animals and so far this is the best that I can do.  I am no Jack Hanna, but I am pretty sure it is a bird.
Then I went back up the hill for 8 AM Mass at St. Mary Basilica in Natchez, Mississippi.

From Natchez I was off to Louisiana, but unfortunately mother nature thought that I was done taking pictures today.  It poured for the rest of the day.  The entire region was under tornado and flood warning.  I am not normally nervous about flooding, but in Louisiana their floods have alligators in them.  The rest of the day it was a struggle to keep the camera dry.  To add to the problems the entire downtown area of Baton Rouge was closed for a Mardi Gras parade.  I was forced to skip Baton Rouge and head to Thibodaux, Louisiana which if nothing else is fun to say.  I had to pull over twice due to rain and seriously considered building an ark, but I made it.

From there over to Houma, Louisiana and St. Francis DeSales Cathedral.
It was really pouring there and I had a difficult time getting an outside shot - which was too bad because it was an impressive complex.  My last stop was in Lafayette - home of the Ragin Cajuns.  The rain fought me there too, but let up enough that I could take some shots of the above ground cemetary behind the church.  I like cemetaries, which is weird, and above ground graves are somehow creepy and beautiful at the same time.  The graveyards were one of my favorite parts of Paris and Louisiana graveyards have that same feel to them - must be a French thing.
Cathedral of St. John The Evangelist

Despite the weather it was a productive day.  Two states - Mississippi and Louisiana.  Crossed the Mississippi five seperate times on very large, very high bridges during a storm which was pretty cool.  331 more miles today.  So far we have 5 states, 1272 miles, 5 Cathedrals, 1 Co-Cathedral, 1 Pro-Cathedral, 1 Basilica.  Hopefully Mass in Lake Charles tomorrow then off to Texas and hopefully some better weather.  I am going to go find a place to park and sleep in my car - don't tell my mom it makes her nervous.

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