Friday, March 4, 2011

Day Two

Finally have a chance to sit down and try this whole blog thingy.  I left Columbus after my examines on Thursday.  First I picked up my car from the airport.  If you ever consider renting a car from Budget at the airport - don't.  Horrible customer service - but hey I am on vacation so I will let it go.  Left Columbus around three.  Almost hit a deer in Kentucky - a nice 8 point buck - would have looked good on my wall.  I got pulled over in Tennessee for running a red light - I am certain that it was yellow but I am not good with colors. I got off with a warning - I am pretty charming.  No photos the first day.  Saw three states (Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee), two major rivers (Ohio and Kentucky), 11 deer, and three hawks.

Day two started early in Nashville.  8 AM mass at the Cathedral of the Incarnation.
Nowhere to park in Nashville so I had to walk to St. Mary's - 2.1 miles one way.  My GPS says that I walk an average of 2.7 mph.  Nice walk - Nashville is kinda hilly and I am kinda fat so it was a haul.
While I was downtown in Nashville I stumbled upon a statue of Andrew Jackson at the statehouse.  He is my second favorite president so I ran up the steps Rocky Balboa style and took some pictures.

I left Nashville and wandered over to Memphis - the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception.

From Memphis I went down to Jackson, Mississippi where they kept the Cathedral open late for me so I could take pictures - those Catholics are good people!

From Jackson I went over to Natchez, Mississippi and got a crappy little hotel room.  Today I drove 570 miles, visited three states (Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana), five rivers (Tennessee, Cumberland, Buffalo, Talahatchie, Mississippi), three deer, and 2 more hawks.
Well I should get some sleep - I am off to Louisiana tomorrow.


  1. Hi Joe,

    I love your blog! Thank you for doing it. I will send it to our Run The Race friends and show it to the Racers on Monday. It's great. I love the state, river, deer and hawk count. How about a Catholic church count, as I know you are visiting many. Great pictures, too.

    Happy travels,

  2. Hi Joe,
    This is from a friend:

    Hi Rachel,
    You guys come up with the best ideas...this one is beautiful and so interesting....I am
    very challenged on computer things...I keep trying to make 'comments' and then it sends me to something I dont understand. It is great fun to read, and I think for Joe, it must be awesome to be seeing everything, knowing how many other eyes will be enjoying it as well.
    Take care.

  3. And another one, Joe:


    I'm not familiar with the "blog" stuff but I posted this on it not sure if it would go to your friend.Can you send this to him? These are gorgeous little churches made with LOVE!..not to be missed.

    We lived in TX for 7 yrs & while there would take pilgrimages to the Painted Churches near Schulenberg which is very near I-10. These churches were built & decorated by craftsmen who came to America as farmers & who wanted to be able to worship in the beauty which they were accustomed to: Praha for the Czechs,& 5 other small communities in the same area. They are preserved & are now tourist attractions. They have a website under "Painted Churches of Shulenberg " as I recall. If you need help locating them let me know:

  4. HiJoe, This is CJ. Get more pictures of the animals. Record noises. I like the pictures of the churches. Who is your first favorite president?